Vision FMS

More Than Mapping: A Fully Integrated Design and Management Toolbox

Move beyond drawing fiber strands to discover the power and flexibility of our advanced network management solution

ETI’s Vision Fiber Management System (FMS) is a complete solution created to design and manage fiber infrastructure, including outside plant (OSP) assets, inventory and splice point matrix.

Any fiber management software provides tools for designing, constructing and maintaining a passive optical network. ETI took FMS to another level using the solid foundation of the Esri ArcGIS platform to build a software that makes it easy to visualize, track and manage your fiber network, with unique features that make project management more accurate, B/OSS integration easier and outside plant (OSP) asset management a breeze.

Our single database stores information about customers, prospects and their locations, which helps sales and marketing efforts to acquire new subscribers inside the network. It also allows technicians to easily access their work orders from their mobile devices and add notes that will remain on the record for future inquiries.

Our color-coded splice point matrix allows engineers to document and track every splice in a user-friendly format. Vision FMS also has the capability to track every bill of materials (BOM) associated with specific projects so the return on investment (ROI) can be quickly calculated.

Only ETI’s Fiber Management Tool has the power to

Intelligently Create and Expand the Network

Network growth should not be costly or haphazard. Our cost estimation tool is just one of many tools that eliminate uncertainties that come with network builds or expansions.


Monetize Your Most Valuable Assets

Do you know where your equipment is and its utilization rate? Monitor and reclaim assets to save OpEx and CapEx.


Avoid Technology Chaos

The integrated database stores detailed network component and service location information data into a single, real-time repository, eliminating disparate databases and synchronization issues.



Easy Address Management

Real-time integration with our database eliminates the need for the redundant entry of service address records.  New information – including details like hub cabinet, distribution cable and strand – can be added by simply connecting the fiber drop to service address in the FMS design tool.


‘Homes Passed’ Tracking and Prospecting

Record and store details about prospective customers, no dual entry required when the prospect becomes an active, paying customer. Make proactive prospecting simple.


Reliable Work Order/Ticketing

Our comprehensive work order and ticketing system that allows the provider to open a maintenance or trouble ticket, assign it, and track the progress.  Technicians can easily add notes which will remain on the ticket record for future troubleshooting.


Device Inventory Control

Manage any asset throughout their lifespan, including Optical Network Terminals (ONTs), Set Top Boxes (STBs), and IP addresses. Save money through reclaimed hardware.

Network Management Made Easy with ETI

Our management console provides easy-to-digest visibility into the health and status of your operation. Designed to accommodate the needs of the user, the dashboard view can be customized in terms of the widgets displayed and the format of the data.


Our diagnostic tools gives you the power to troubleshoot specific problems or to verify the proper provisioning and function of a service. Powerful audits pinpoint inaccuracies and are available in an element-management proxy view.


Our Network-Centric View module provides a unified, interactive, EMS-like view of the access network elements, and the associated customer and service data regardless of the platform type. Organized specifically for network operations personnel.


Community Broadband at its Best

The Story of Wilson, NC and ETI Software

Learn how the City of Wilson’s Greenlight Communications used ETI’s Vision360 solution to help plan, operate and grow its network and revenue stream in the most efficient, customer-centric manner possible.


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