Vision360 IoT

from Smart Homes to smart cities, the internet of things connects us all

Analyzing data to make a meaningful impact gave birth to Vision360 IoT

Welcome to the IoT world. It’s a place where we speak with our refrigerators, garage doors and coffee makers. In this world, any device can be smart: cities talk to their traffic lights, businesses talk to their machines, we talk to our appliances. It’s the world of the future. It’s the world of broadband.

The role of telecom companies in Smart Homes and Smart Cities couldn’t be more crucial. How they prepare and adapt to this new reality will dictate their longevity. Not only do they need to manage more bandwidth, keep investing in infrastructure and provide excellent service, they must also deal with disruptive competition and understand how they can use current technology to their advantage.

ETI is uniquely positioned to guide telecom companies and municipalities through the IoT world. We combined 25 years of experience in device management and integration to develop the ultimate IoT solution: Vision360 IoT. -- to connect, collect and analyze data.

Over-the-air monitoring, management and maintenance of hardware at the edge of the network is what makes Vision360 IoT stand apart. Using this data to further business goals — from improved efficiency to productivity to customer satisfaction is the ultimate return on investment (ROI) and benefit of IoT technology.

Vision360 IoT Can Help You

Reduce Churn

Connect your network assets and get alerts when something is not working properly, shortening the response time and allowing your CSRs to manage customer expectations.


Improve Monetization

Optimize truck rolls, fuel consumption, tools and inventory with smart tracking. The same mapping tools that can help you improve customer service and can also enable you to improve asset utilization.


Manage Network Expansion

The average North American household already uses 7 connected devices and this number is rapidly rising across the globe. Telecoms must be able to manage the lifecycle and the bandwidth usage of multiple devices in order to remain competitive.



Develop a dedicated IoT network

Creating an IoT specific network using low power, long range technology changes the business case for many IoT applications. Low power, long range networks (LPWA) are already helping save costs by improving solar power management, monitoring livestock, and cutting the costs of building heating, cooling, and maintenance.


Create ‘Smart’ offerings for your customers

Telecoms can generate revenue as retailers, (online and/or brick and mortar) for IoT products. Some offer their products as white label services, allowing your telecom to reinforce its brand among customers.


Increase Efficiencies

Vision360 IoT empowers businesses beyond mere connectivity. It enables you to use real time analytics to extract and drive strategic, meaningful and more insightful data to make informed decisions without any delays. Applying the benefits of real-time tracking and analytics will result in tighter operations and an enhanced customer experience.



With so many different device protocol available today and no clear-cut industry standard, Vision360 IoT eliminates the worry about connection and integration by being protocol agnostic.

Smart Home and Smart City Solutions Made Easy 

Our turnkey solutions are configurable and comprehensive, providing a unified device management platform that’s easy to launch. With over 70 pre-integrated technologies available, it's a sure-fire quick-to-market strategy to keep up with competition.


Flow-through provisioning and end-to-end billing integration ensures service provider back-office systems can monitor, manage and monetize IoT devices. Automation eliminates human error and is vital to device management.


Our monitoring and diagnostic software gives you the power to extract information in real time, allowing you to measure service quality, service usage, and device performance. Proactive responses make for more satisfied customers.


ETI's device testing program includes connectivity analysis to procedure calls to firmware updates for multiple types of devices and protocols. Make sure your devices can talk to each other and transmit data securely and quickly.



How IoT Can Save Lives

ETI Software is part of an innovative solution to reduce roadwork fatalities in the United Kingdom by triggering alarms when a construction zone has been breached.

We have enjoyed a long and beneficial relationship with ETI. ETI’s staff members are always available when we need them — just like a part of our team.

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